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What positions and jobs are available at KFC

KFC prides itself on feeding the world, and it’s true that everything does taste better with KFC. To fulfill this mission they need quality employees that truly care about what they are doing and why they are doing it. KFC is interested in YOU and the personality that you bring to the dinner table team. Employment at KFC can be exciting and lucrative, filled with growth opportunities and competitive benefit packages.

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KFC Restaurant Job Opportunities:

At KFC it is you as a person that determines where in the strata of sensational service you will be. It is imperative that you review the descriptions below with yourself in mind and visualize where you want to be and the goals you have set for yourself. At KFC you are your only limitations.

  • Team Member: There is an entire range of opportunities that fall under this heading. Cooks cashiers and servers are the backbone of the company and are treasured as persons of character and integrity. Customer service needs to be delivered at every moment and in every way possible.  Each customer experience is yours to embrace with a smile and to guarantee satisfaction; therefore fun and friendly personalities are a must.
  • Shift Supervisor: Leaders looking to begin a career in management will find a welcoming and knowledgeable staff that is eager to help feed your hunger for excellence in a growing food service career. As a Shift Supervisor you will have the responsibility of overseeing the day to day operations of your team and developing a family atmosphere of support and accountability. As a natural leader you will have the innate characteristics of honesty, integrity, and reliability. This should overflow into your team and into your environment to keep work fun and flowing.
  • Assistant Restaurant Manager: Second in command at the local level you are a voice of authority and a model of efficiency. This will be your time to take the initiative to show your true potential of developing a winning team of consistent customer service experts. Assistant restaurant managers take their roles of accountability very seriously and strive to maintain the KFC standards of excellence.
  • Restaurant General Manager: The pinnacle role of local enforcement of the KFC mission. As a general manager it is your responsibility to maintain the entire flow of functionality. From the maintenance to the managers, the team to the till. General Managers must have motivation to go beyond the training and develop new ways to drive customer service and meet or exceed company expectations. It is vital that you are reliable and can function under fast paced conditions while remaining service oriented.


Regional Job Opportunities: Regional opportunities fluctuate as you draw nearer to the KFC head quarters in Louisville KY. Administration, quality control, and even design specialists can all enjoy a lucrative career behind the scenes at KFC. Positions placed on the KFC website cover all of the continental U.S. and represent just how vast the opportunities are at KFC.

Franchise Information: At kfcfranchise.com you will find all the information you need to get started in your franchise endeavor. Beyond the initial information you will gain contact to over 600 peer groups of established franchisees that have all be a great part of the KFC family for many years. Sustainability is the goal in any economy, and for KFC to have maintained the lock they have on the chicken QSR, quick serve restaurant, proves that KFC is strong and gaining momentum every day. Step by step processes walk you through the basic progression from first consideration to Grand opening. Yum! University is also available for continued education to mold you into the leader you need to be in order to ensure the best customer service, success and profitability.